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If you don´t act now, your monthly bill and your carbon footprint will only go up. Let us turn you from an energy consumer into a prosumer.

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Do you still have an empty roof?

Stop thinking about how to pay less for your monthly electricity bill. Instead let us make sure you receive the highest possible value for your installation.
We are energy suppliers, but we are also aggregators. We group the energy produced by our customers and get the highest value on the wholesale market. We share the achieved savings from the optimized portfolio with the participating customers.
Our algorithms have already saved millions of euros for large corporate clients. Through Machine Learning and other types of Artificial Intelligence, we can also make optimized decisions for your installation


We are a the new kid on the block. We will share profits selling your energy and flexibility.

Be a prosumer

Technology has become so cheap that the business case for producing your own energy is a no-brainer.

Be local

By producing your own energy, your impact on CO2 levels will drop drastically. .

More reliable

Energy consumption will continue to increase in coming years. Become independent and consume your own energy

Our concept

You will receive money for energy, not pay for it

We will make you save money starting from the very first month. You don´t even need to have saved any special budget. We install energy generators (e.g. solar panels, wind turbines) on your roof or in your fields. The amount of money that you will save in the first month will be higher than the down payments for the installation, so it will actually pay for itself. Sounds incredible? Call us.




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Inspired energy for the green age

We’re passionate about solving problems through creative communications.

On your side

Have you produced more than you need? We will get the best price in selling it on the wholesale market.


Your customers will demand that you take responsibility for a more sustainable future. Let us help you to the next step in a way that will even help you benefit economically


If you don´t act now, your monthly bill will only go up over the next years. Until 2050 the electricity consumption will double.

Energy storage

In all of our projects we look into the possibilities of storage capacities in the business cases.


Virtual Energy Storage

The future is renewable, there is no way back. However, we’re still in early stages when it comes to energy storage on a large scale. In all of our projects we look into the possibilities of storage capacities in the business cases. We are always on top of the best solution to extract the most value of your installation.

The value of making it simple.

Decentralised Energy Generation

A fully renewable energy system means more decentralised generation. This in turn means that the required balance on the grid will be harder every time as renewable generation depends on the unpredictable sunshine and wind. Therefore, all experts agree in saying that the volatility in energy pricing will increase. With our expertise in energy trading and risk management we have already proven to be the best market player in extracting value from all sorts of different installations.

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